Assistant for a healthier life

Plus care is a mobile app that helps you pursue a healthier lifestyle. You can search for a doctor or medical facility in your area, save your regular doctor appointments, and see all the benefits from your health insurance provider.

Benefits of the Plus Care app

Database of all doctors

Doctor appointment alerts

Health insurance benefits

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Simplify your doctor's appointment

Find your current doctor or search for a new one

Use the search engine to find your current or a new general practitioner, gynecologist, or dentist in your area. Add them to your list to gain easy access to information and book an appointment at the doctor's office.

Keep your medical appointments up to date

Have a better overview of your regular check-ups. Book your appointment with your doctor and save it into the calendar in the app.

Reminders about your annual check-ups

Allow the app to notify you and do not miss any appointments with your doctor.

Health benefits

Choose your health insurance provider and the app will inform you about all the benefits you are eligible for.

For Employers

Every employer wants healthy and motivated employees who are rarely ill. By offering the Plus Care app to your employees you can support them on their journey to a healthy life.

Regular Check-ups Support

The app will look after the user’s regular doctor's check-up attendance and will motivate the user to take care of their health.

Corporate Challenge

Our app can be also used for corporate challenges. The challenge can be based on walking, weight monitoring or annual check-ups at medical facilities. Users only have to allow the app to sync with Apple Health or Google Fit. You don’t need to worry about anything else. The app will collect all the necessary data on its own and you will receive the evaluated results.

Plus Care challenge

Boost your fitness with the Plus Care challenge and get rewarded with prices that support your health!

The challenge is for anyone who has received a membership code. For more information see the ‘Challenge rules’.

Challenge rules

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About Us

Plus Care s.r.o. is part of the Pilulka Lékárny a.s. and was established in August 2021. The app was launched and introduced at the Pilulka Festival in October 2021 in Prague. The core business model is mobile app development. The main purpose of the app is to support regular doctor check-ups and motivate people to care more about their health. The number of users has been growing steadily since the launch of Plus Care.


Making people more interested in their health.


Increase the quality of health by making regular doctor check-ups easy and simple.


We are constantly expanding the portfolio of our partners. Currently, Plus Care cooperates with several pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, it covers all of the health insurance companies in the Czech Republic as well as the largest healthcare providers database in the Czech Republic.

Would you like to find out more about possible cooperation? Please feel free to contact us via

Contact Us

Plus Care s.r.o.
Českomoravská 2408/1a, Libeň, 190 00 Praha 9
IČO: 11767642

We share our office together with Pilulka Lékárny a.s.

Would you like to find out more about possible cooperation?
Please feel free to contact us via
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