Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Corporate Challenge?
A challenge created for a company to support employee's health and wellbeing or to strengthen teamwork.

2. What type of data does Plus Care collect?
To be able to participate in the corporate challenge, Plus Care collects the user's company email and user's steps from the chosen data source.

3.  Do participants compete in teams or individually?
This is totally up to you. Let the participants compete in their work department, randomise the team selection or compete individually. You can rely on the company culture or how close your employees are one to each other.

4. Why do we compete in collecting steps and not in other activities?
Steps are the most universal movement one can do. Challenge based on collecting steps has also the lowest financial expenses. Therefore, no matter if you do other activities or nothing, to be able to collect steps all you need is a smartphone and a will to win!

5. How long does the challenge last for?
The challenge can last a month or even the whole year. It's all up to you.

6.  How to log into the challenge?

a) Download the Plus Care app via Apple Store or Google Play.
b) Open the app and go to 'Profile' on the bottom tab. Fill in your company email and confirm your email in your mailbox. 
* Google Fit: If you use Google Fit, it is important to firstly, type the email you have on your Google Fit account and then add your company one.
c) Go back to the “Profile” in the app and fill your membership code.
d) Connect your data source (more about how to connect your steps, see the question below)
e) Fill the rest of the profile and all of your doctors.
f) Move to the 'Doctors' section in the bottom tab. Tap 'Search' and search your/new doctor.
g) Open the app regularly.

7. How to connect Plus Care with the data source of your steps?

iOS: Once you download the Plus Care app, open the phone settings and search the Apple Health app. Then tap on “Data Access & Devices” and allow the access to Plus Care. 

Android: The best way to connect AND with Plus Care is to use Google Fit, Withings, Fitbit, or Garmin. Go to the 'Health' tab in the app and choose one of these data sources. If you still can't see your steps in the app, go to your Google Fit, Withings, Fitbit, or Garmin accounts and allow them the access to Plus Care via “Data Access & Devices”.

8. Why can't we see the names of all participants on the dashboard?
Due to the GDPR we only show anonymised results of each participant.

9. How to sync your steps into Plus Care?
a) Check if your data source  (Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin or Withings) is correctly connected.
b) Sync your steps by opening the Plus Care app. The more you open the app, the more up to date the app will be.

*note: Once you open the app, it is important to wait until the 'Health score' on the dashboard is loaded. You should be able to see your steps on the dashboard within the next few minutes.

10. What is the ideal number of participants per team?
We recommend having at least 3 people per team to make the challenge more attractive. Each team can vary in the number of members as we calculate the step average of the whole team.

11. How does Plus Care evaluate the challenge?
Plus Care calculates the step average of each team during a particular period. Additionally, as we all sometimes have a 'bad day' or are sick, we decided to delete the worst result in each team every day.

12. Who is the winner?
The winner of the challenge is a team or an individual who walks the most steps on average during a fixed period.

13. What to do, if my steps in Plus Care don't match the steps in my data source?
Sometimes, syncing your steps can take some time. However, you should be able to see them in the app within minutes (worst case a few hours). 
*tip: Sometimes it helps to leave the Plus Care app open for a little while.

14. Where can I see the results of the challenge?
Once you sign in to the challenge, a new tab created for the challenge will appear on the dashboard in the app. Tap on it and you will get to the online dashboard with the full results. Scroll down to view your team-members' steps (yours are in the light blue column). 

*note: The dashboard shows you the results of the current month. Therefore, the position of teams may be different at the beginning of a new month compared to the previous month. However, don't worry about your previous data. It is saved in the app and will be evaluated at the end of the challenge.

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