Tips and tricks for communication

1. Challenge announcement
Announce the challenge in person or through an internal communication channel (such as Slack). We suggest giving the employees a manual on how to log into the app and demand a clear answer whether they would like to participate or not. Set a deadline for when they have to give you an answer, ideally a couple of days before you want to start the challenge.

2. Teams or individually
You can choose to compete individually or in teams. It all is up to you or up to the company culture. Randomly chosen teams can help strengthen your company community and create a bond across all departments. However, competing in departments can motivate your employees more.Additionally, the app has two dashboards - a team and an individual dashboard. Adding the individual challenge can bring extra motivation for people who may not have ended up in the active team but would like to win.

3. Rewards announcement
We suggest announcing the rewards for the victors as soon as possible. It is a great way to motivate the participants. Rewards can be anything - financial bonus, extra vacation day, or team activities like go-carts.

4. Keeping the challenge active
In the beginning, you will need to be more active in communicating the challenge to the participants. However, once the participants are more motivated, they will start cheering each other themselves.

5. Challenge communication
The best way to communicate with teams is through internal communication channels (such as Slack). You can create different chats for each group and have one administrator that has access to all of them. They can then cheer each group and keep the motivation growing.

6. Challenge duration
The challenge can last as long as you want. Usually, it's better to have the competition running at least for a month. However, three months are ideal as teams have more time to create a bond between themselves.